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Terpene Chemicals

Being a responsible and credible manufacturers and suppliers of essential compounds we are delivering the wide range of Terpene Chemicals. These organic compounds are extracted from variety of plants and animals, which later get processed with the help of the modern techniques and methods. These compounds have multiple medicinal benefits along with which these are also used in the formation of the number of personal care products, such as perfumes, soaps, skin creams, body lotions, oils etc. Offered Terpene Chemicals are offered in well packed forms at affordable market rates as per the required needs of our clients.

Camphor Oil

Backed by well-qualified professionals, we are engaged in offering superior quality Camphor Oil that is widely used for spiritual purposes. Offered oil is widely used in the formation of several products like soaps, lotions, scent, air diffuser, perfume and many more. Clients can avail this oil in different packing options to cater their needs. Further, this Camphor Oil is available with us at highly competitive prices.


  • Divine fragrance

  • Long lasting effect

  • Purity

  • Long shelf life


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Dipentene in the industry at market leading rates. Dipentene is a terpene liquid found in various volatile oils such as mace, nutmeg, cardamom and turpentine oil. Dipentene is also referred to as the racemic mixture of limonene.


  • Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

  • Specific Gravity: 0.84300 to 0.85100 @ 20.00 C.

  • Boiling Point: 176.00 C. @ 760.00 mm Hg

  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers and protect from heat and light


  • It is used as a solvent for resins, alkyds and waxes, to make paints, lacquers, enamels and polish

  • Used as a perfumery composition for personal care products, soaps and cosmetics

  • Used as an intermediate for terpene resins, terylene, carvone and rubber chemicals

  • Used as oils dispersant, metal dryer

  • Used as a substitute for chlorinated solvents in degreasing metals for cleaning in the electronics industry and the printing industry

  • Alpha-Limonene has been used as a gallstone solubilizer in the pharmaceutical industry

Terpineol Oil

Terpineol Oil

We are offering the best quality Terpineol Oil it is the oleoresin obtained from species of Pinus. The oil is composed of volatile turpentine oils, Terpin is obtained by the action of nitric acid on turpentine oil.


  • General Formula CH3 (OH) C6H9C (CH3)2OH

  • It is slightly soluble in water, ether; melting at 116 C

  • Hydrated form of Terpin is used as an expectorant

  • Terpineol is a product of dehydrated 1, 8-terpin which has a lilac odor

  • Boiling at 214 224 C, melting point 18 C

It is used in fragrance compositions, in disinfectants, polishes and household products and is also used as an intermediate in the production of high purity alpha-Terpineol. Three isomeric Terpineol exit called alpha, beta and gamma-Terpineol, differing by the location of the solid bond and a hydroxyl group. Industrially, the oil is produced by direct hydration of the Terpin hydrocarbons contained in the oil or by the dehydration of Terpin hydrate.


Terpineol Oil is a naturally occurring monoterpene alcohol having a pleasant odor similar to lilac. It is used as a fragrant compound in cosmetics, perfumes and other flavors. The oil gets easily crystallized and appears to be viscous oily liquid.

Alpha Pinene & Beta Pinene

Our offered Alpha Pinene is an organic compound that is used in the composition of essential oil orange oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc. Under the strict observation of our experts, this Pinene is stringently processed by making the use of the quality assured compounds and modern processing technology. In order to meet the defined industry standards, we test this product on certain parameters of quality and offer this Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene in various packaging options as per the requirement of our clients. Further, we provide the product at market leading rates.


  • Accurate composition

  • Safe to use

  • No side effect

  • Longer shelf life


Pinene is available in two types that are Alpha and Beta. The Alpha smells like the pine needles and Rosemary while the Beta emits aromas of parsley, dill and basil. Like other Terpenes, Pinene is not limited to , it is found in all kinds of plants. In fact, Pinene specifically Alpha is the most abundant Terpene in the plant kingdom. Alpha is also more prevalent in  than its Beta counterpart. It is found in pine needles too.


The common theme of Terpenes is that they are good for our health and Pinene is certainly no exception to this. It is known to increase mental focus and energy. It acts as a topical antiseptic and a bronchodilator that make its use more beneficial for people who suffer from asthma or similar breathing problems.

Some of the other benefits of Pinene include:

  • It has antibacterial properties

  • Its an anti-inflammatory

  • Its an anti-proliferative

  • Its an antioxidant

  • It increases memory retention


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